Cold Pressing Process

The people take food as their heaven and food as their first original. On the premise of food safety, the pursuit of nutritional health, high quality of life.

Grasp the Core Technology and Lead the Future of the Industry

Pioneer of Cold Pressing Oil Technology

Changshou Food regards "providing high-quality peanut oil for consumers" as its responsibility, introduces advanced equipment from abroad, and finally successfully develops "the method of low-temperature preparation of original peanut oil and textured protein". It completely overthrows the traditional hot pressing and leaching technology of peanut oil industry, and leads the edible oil into a new era of cold pressing.



Cold Pressed Oil is Healthier, Quality is The Most Direct Embodiment of a Company's Strength.

Company Honor

  • National Patent Certificate for Invention of Cold Pressing Technology

  • Certificate of Organic Certification

  • Appraisal of Scientific and Technological Achievements of "High Quality Peanut Oil" by China Grain and Oil Society

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