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Planting Base

Basic Requirements for Planting Organic Food Raw Materials

The cultivation process does not use pesticides, insecticides, synthetic (chemical) fertilizers, but uses natural fertilizers (composts) to feed the soil, which has added soil nutrients, and the production units need to establish long-term land fertilization, plant protection, crop rotation plans.

No Soil and Water Loss and Other Environmental Problems in Production Bases

Pesticides, synthetic (chemical) fertilizers, pesticides, chemical additives shall not be used in production, harvest and processing.

The conversion of soil from conventional planting to organic planting requires three years of fallow cultivation.

The whole process of production must have complete records.

The first cold-pressed peanut oil organic planting base only cultivates peanut crops, and no other crops are planted for half a year outside the peanut cultivation period, so as to restore the soil.