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Brand Culture

Leading Edible Oil
Enter a new era of cold pressing

At present, the world's high-end edible oils are cold pressed technology, such as olive oil, camellia oil and so on. As a brand focusing on high-quality peanut oil, First Workshop actively learns from advanced international technology and innovates and develops the method of producing primary peanut oil and tissue protein at low temperature. It has won the national invention patent, overthrowing the traditional hot pressing and leaching process in the peanut oil industry, greatly improving the retention rate of nutrients in peanut oil, leading the edible oil into a new era of cold pressing.

Brand Performance

“The First FANG brand symbolizes high-end, historical sense, high quality and original health.

As a high-quality peanut oil brand certified by the authority of China Food and Oil Association, it inherits the rigorous and meticulous cultural heritage of traditional high-standard enterprises, as well as the unique innovative technology and high-tech manufacturing technology of high-tech enterprises, and achieves the enduring brand reputation and loyalty of "First Fang".

Brand Advocacy

Cold Pressed Oil is Healthier

Brand Core Value
  • Since its inception, the first workshop has been adhering to the route of cold pressing peanut oil for more than ten years. Because of persistence, it is outstanding; because of concentration, it is valuable.

  • We are the pioneer of the new era of peanut oil, the innovator and leader of the peanut oil industry, and the standard maker of the peanut oil cold pressing industry.

  • First Workshop has always focused on cold-pressed peanut oil, aiming at improving the quality of Chinese consumers'nutritious diet, and is determined to bring consumers the greatest health value - nutrition.