Pathfinder Process Analysis Product Advantage

Product Advantage

Three Product Advantages Benefiting Consumers

  • High Nutrition

    Nutritional ingredients are retained more fully

    60°C Low-temperature pressing, higher retention rate of nutrients (monounsaturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals); select large peanuts of export grade, full granules, nutrient-rich, eliminate aflatoxin, health and safety is guaranteed.

  • To Purity

    Two Physical Refining and Multilayer Plant Fiber Filtration

    Low temperature physical de-red coat, 2 times physical refining, multi-layer plant fiber filtration, natural peanut fragrance.

  • Low Soot

    Low temperature treatment, not easy to produce lampblack

    The whole process of low temperature treatment, peanut cell structure remains intact, less impurities, not easy to produce lampblack.

Six Considerate Designs

  • Easy to Pull Bottle Cap

    The arc design is not easy to break, easy to open and save time and effort.

  • Reflux Bottle Mouth

    Funnel-shaped subsidence design to prevent remaining oil from retaining bottle mouth

  • Controllable Oil Outlet

    Flow diversion design, pouring oil without gushing, easy control of oil volume

  • Precision Scale

    Clear, accurate and scientific control of daily oil consumption

  • Bottle shoulder handle 1.8L

    Cooperate with kitchen basket, not easy to slip when lifting

  • Widening handle 4.5L

    Widening design holds comfortable hands