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Cold Pressed Peanut Oil

Cold pressing at low temperature, only for nutrition

Fine selection of large peanuts of export grade, strict screening of grade five, big and full grains.

Low-temperature physical red-coat removal technology, and the use of multi-purpose color sorter, remove mildew grains and buds in peanut raw materials, eliminate aflatoxin from the source.

Cold pressing at low temperature improves the retention rate of nutrients in peanut oil and makes natural peanuts fresh.

Multilayer vegetable fiber filtration, oil pure and transparent, low soot.

  • Cold pressing 450ml

  • Cold pressing 1L

  • Cold pressing 1.8L

  • Cold pressing 3L

  • Cold pressing 4.5L

  • Cold pressing 1Lx4

  • Cold pressing 1.8Lx2



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Pioneer of Cold Pressing Oil Technology

Grasp the Core Technology and Lead the Future of the Industry

Changshou Food regards "providing high-quality peanut oil for consumers" as its responsibility, introduces advanced equipment from abroad, and finally successfully develops "the method of low-temperature preparation of original peanut oil and textured protein". It completely overthrows the traditional hot pressing and leaching technology of peanut oil industry, and leads the edible oil into a new era of cold pressing.

Processing Technology of Peanut Oil

  • Before the 1990S

    Peanut oil is mostly bulk oil, which is difficult to ensure hygiene and quality, and its production technology is on the verge of elimination.

  • Early 21st Century

    Small package oil gradually replaced bulk oil, and high temperature pressing (120 C or more) technology became the most adopted technology in peanut oil industry and brand.。

  • Nowadays

    The first cold-pressed peanut oil adopts the national invention patent "low temperature cold-pressed" technology, which opens a new era of peanut oil cold-pressed.

Process Analysis

Cold pressing and hot pressing of PK
Indicators First Fang Cold Pressed Peanut Oil Traditional Peanut Oil
Pressing Technology Cold pressing (below 60 degrees C) Hot pressing (120 degree C)
Raw Material Export grade peanut (full grain) General grade peanut
Removal of Red Clothes There are (sources eliminate aflatoxins) Nothing
Classification and screening of raw materials Level 5 (higher level) Level 1-2 (lower level)
Nutritional Components Retaining Peanut Nutrition (83% Unsaturated Fatty Acids) Partially destroyed
Fume concentration Very low (high smoke point, no pollution) Higher
Multilayer Plant Fiber Filtration Yes (five floors) Part
Aroma type Natural peanut fragrance, but not greasy salad Ripe fragrance

Product Advantage

Three Product Advantages Benefiting Consumers

  • High nutrition

    Nutritional ingredients are retained more fully

    60°C Low-temperature pressing, higher retention rate of nutrients (monounsaturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals); select large peanuts of export grade, full granules, nutrient-rich, eliminate aflatoxin, health and safety is guaranteed.

  • To purity

    Two Physical Refining and Multilayer Plant Fiber Filtration

    Low temperature physical de-red coat, 2 times physical refining, multi-layer plant fiber filtration, natural peanut fragrance.

  • Low Soot

    Low temperature treatment, not easy to produce lampblack

    The whole process of low temperature treatment, peanut cell structure remains intact, less impurities, not easy to produce lampblack.

Six considerate designs

  • Easy-To-Pull Cap

    The arc design is not easy to break, easy to open and save time and effort.

  • Reflux Bottle Mouth

    Funnel-shaped subsidence design to prevent remaining oil from retaining bottle mouth

  • Controllable Oil Outlet

    Flow diversion design, pouring oil without gushing, easy control of oil volume

  • Accurate Calibration

    Clear, accurate and scientific control of daily oil consumption

  • Bottle shoulder handle 1.8L

    Cooperate with kitchen basket, not easy to slip when lifting

  • Widening handle 4.5L

    Widening design holds comfortable hands

Consumer Experience Case

Young urban white-collar Xiaoxin

At first sight, it was attracted by its charming appearance, which was unprecedented transparency and purity. Bright, let people feel good from the beginning.
At first sight, it was attracted by its charming appearance, which was unprecedented transparency and purity. Bright, let people feel good from the beginning.
Its taste is refreshing and refreshing.
It is a good companion for a healthy life - the first workshop of peanut oil.

Career executives, supermothers and all-around housewives

Enjoy delicious food with your family on weekends.
Sweet and sour jellyfish, vegetable salad, fried yellow croaker, fried rape and fried lotus root are all in color, aroma and taste.
The child cried happily, "It's delicious". The lover also laughed and said:
"This dish tastes different from what you did before. It's very fragrant."
I laughed happily, but they didn't know that I had a secret weapon, the first workshop of peanut oil.
Pure and transparent appearance, but its charming exterior.
High nutrition and low lampblack are the most attractive places for me.
It can be salad, fried, cooking oil, that is to say, nutrition and health.

200 g jellyfish is washed and soaked for 4 hours. Cucumbers are shredded and garlic puree is prepared. The jellyfish is boiled in boiling water, washed and cooled, then put in a bowl. Put the cucumber shredded and garlic puree into a bowl filled with jellyfish silk. Add sugar, sauce and fragrant oil in turn. Finally add vinegar and cold pressed peanut oil in the first place. Mix well and serve.

Corn kernels can be cooked in a pot with a spoonful of salt and a little of the first pot of peanut oil. Diced tomatoes, boiled eggs and diced eggs. Put all the ingredients cut into small dices in a big bowl. Add the first dish of peanut oil, salt and black pepper and mix well.