Pathfinder Process Analysis Product Advantage

Process Analysis

Cold Pressing PK Hot Pressing
IndicatorsFirst Fang Cold Pressed Peanut OilTraditional Peanut Oil
Pressing TechnologyCold pressing (below 60 degrees C)Hot pressing (120 degree C)
Raw MaterialExport Grade Peanut (full grain)General Grade Peanut
Removal of Red ClothesThere are (sources eliminate aflatoxins)Nothing
Classification and screening of raw materialsLevel 5 (higher level)Level 1-2 (lower level)
Nutritional ComponentsRetaining Peanut Nutrition (43% Unsaturated Fatty Acids)Partially Destroyed
Fume ConcentrationVery low (high smoke point, no pollution)Higher
Multilayer Plant Fiber FiltrationYes (five floors)Part
Aroma TypeNatural peanut fragrance, but not greasy saladRipe fragrance