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The pioneer of cold pressing technology

Grasp the Core Technology and Lead the Future of the Industry

Changshou Food regards "providing high-quality peanut oil for consumers" as its responsibility, invests a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, introduces advanced equipment from abroad, overcomes difficulties, and finally successfully develops "the method of producing original peanut oil and textured protein at low temperature", obtains international invention patents, completely overthrows the traditional hot pressing and extraction technology of peanut oil industry, and the nutrient composition of peanut oil. The retention rate has been greatly improved, leading edible oil into a new era of cold pressing.

Processing Technology of Peanut Oil

  • Before the 1990s

    Peanut oil is mostly bulk oil, which is difficult to ensure hygiene and quality, and its production technology is on the verge of elimination.

  • Early 21st Century

    Small package oil gradually replaced bulk oil, and high temperature pressing (120 degree C or more) technology became the most adopted technology in peanut oil industry and brand.

  • Nowadays

    The first cold-pressed peanut oil adopts the national invention patent "low temperature cold-pressed" technology, which opens a new era of peanut oil cold-pressed.